Thursday, January 24, 2013

i will not get upset. day one-hundred-sixty-eight.

Here it goes I don't usually talk to much about my feelings that are unrelated to the clothing but a lot of things related to this blog have been making me upset lately, I have had a major snafu with someone I frequently promote on my blog and it makes me really upset, on top of that I have been attempting to ignore the fact that I still only have 15 subscribers, less than 100 reads a day and get mean comments all the time about my clothing choices, my size, my face, any number of mean things you can think of....(why are people so mean when they are hidden behind a computer?).  I am also upset with Facebook who when i try to share my link only gives me some stupid lame photos to chose from, upset about the white balance on these photos.....and seriously about 12 other things. I am trying not to let it get me down but it is seriously making me just want to throw in the towel on this whole blog. I started this in hopes to help me meet more people and help my self esteem and it seems that has run its course. For quite awhile I was just loving everything related to the blog, the photos, the post making, the guests the fun of reading other blogs and reading the oh so kind comments from fellow bloggers (some of you are just so nice and that's honestly the only thing even keeping me doing this one more day). And don't get me wrong i still like those things but i have hit a major snafu. I thought I would continue blogging after the year but now I just don't know. I am trying not to let this all get me down, but this is rough right now. We will see what the future holds for this blog..... 
~Clothing Details~
No one gives a shit.  You look stupid. 


  1. I love your blog (and the clothing details!!)! I just wish I lived in the area so I could shop at those awesome thrift/consignment shops you hit up. Keep your head up, lady. I'm not a frequent blog reader but I always love reading yours. Because I don't know a lot about blogs, I didn't totally know how to subscribe. I think I may have just figured it out?

    1. thanks Lisa. I appreciate knowing you are reading! I love my nice readers so much i wish i could clone them :D

  2. Hey...Don't give up. I think you have something to share with the world...they just have not figured it out yet. As finances become more and more tight for people, you will acquire more and more readers. I usually link to the blog through Facebook. Should I also 'subscribe' directly to the blog? I usually check out your posts daily. I agree with Lisa... I am interested in the clothing details. :) Everyone has to rant once in a while. Tomorrow is a new day! I could see you taking this to the next level at the end of the first year and publishing an actual book. Who knows...might even get to promote it on some national tv show or something ;) hugs to you.

    1. thanks cuz :D i appreciate your readership as well, the followers is not really the issue, it was just one of many little things that all came together at once and became overwhelming. THanks for listening. I had really wanted those things to happen. WE will see! I am hoping to just take it day by day for awhile until i pick myself back up! THanks

  3. That's it, HULK SMASH!

    Eff the naysayers and the people talking shit!
    As a fellow blogger TRUST me, I get the frustration.

    I'll tell you the number one thing I've appreciated about your blog though has been your honesty and your sense of "figuring it out along the way".

    Please don't let some interweb assholes ruin that for you! We will have lunch soon and talk mad smack about these people. Until then...let the thrifted outfits continue!!!!!

  4. you're beautiful. stay positive and keep your head high. you know your potential. love you darling

  5. hatters gon' hate! seriously i know it's hard but try to ignore it! i love reading your blog...thrifting and sewing was always something i wish i was good at like you! some-day some-time we should meet up i love local bloggers and id love to hear your story! im sorry this has happened to you...and i stink at keeping up on blog posts so im sorry this comment is a bit late!

    have a great sunday!


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