Thursday, January 10, 2013

ive been sick. day one-hundred-fifty-four.

Well well its that time again, the cold/flu season, this year it seems like EVERYONE is sick! I was so dead I could barely leave bed for two days. Aches and pains, a cough that does nothing and lots of tissues! My family was amazing, so nice to have your mommy bring you toast and tea and dad take care of the dogs when your ill. Best roomies ever. I love drinking hot tea when I am sick, what do you need to make you feel better? I finally mustered up the strength to re-join society and do something, but that didn't mean I got dressed up. Hoodie and Jeans all day! 

this last one is  just to creep everyone out a bit. Don't I look possessed! Well sometimes sick is close to possessed so there you have it. Stay healthy! Eat tons of fruits and veggies, drink water and take extra Vitamin C to keep healthy. If not make yourself a warm cup-o-tea and get lots of rest.

~Outfit Details~
Jeans: c/o Tenden
Hoodie: From when i was an undergrad at MSU | Victorias Secret
Coat: Sears about 5 years ago
Boots: Minnetonka | 4 years ago
Belt: Gift from Boyfriend | Steve Madden


  1. Hey, I found your blog through your comment on Delightfully Tacky :). Love what you're doing! New follower. Pop over and take a look at my blog too


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