Friday, January 25, 2013

my 16 favorites. day one-hundred-sixty-nine.

So crazy thing. I normally am DAYS ahead in the blog. But with all the DRAMA happening yesterday I didn't feel like putting the photos together I have to make blog posts. I discovered upon my arrival home this evening that I left my laptop at work, and well thats where all the photos are stored. SO HEY instead of leaving you with nothing (which trust me, after yesterday I seriously am still considering but still am so used to this I cannot bring myself to do). SO i figure why not, everyone seems to do this 'lets look at old photos of me I like' thing so why shouldn't I do it too. Here are my favorite posts and why they are favorites. 

THE FIRST POST EVER:  Day one, the alpha. The beginning. I still cannot believe I started a fashion blog sometimes. I am just not the typical 'fashion blogger' person. I am crass, opinionated, not 'fashionable' at all. I shouldn't even call it a fashion blog. It is a style blog. You either like it or hate it. I don't buy new stuff and i just don't care. I still think after a year I will never buy a new thing that is not some undie pants and MAYBE some tights (frickin tights...). This post kind of lays it all out there. What my 'rules' are why the heck I am doing it and its so cute. Look at me trying so hard. Isn't that cute. 

This post, i was like WHATEVER I do not need to 'dress up' every dang day. I can wear a tshirt and be like WHATEVER. This is me. I also discovered my barn as a backdrop and fell in love (this time of year its pretty much covered in snow). I love this shirt. ONE WOMAN WOLF PACK!

This post i was all like 'wow I can take shots w/ my tripod and they will be OK!' discovery of a lifetime!!!!! I cannot believe for twenty three days I made people take photos of me EVERYDAY! Damn I am mean. 

Day Ninety One was just amazing. I loved spending the day with my parents, it was cold but lovely at the auction and I wore this awesome dress I got from where I now work :D I also wore my moms old hat/scarf thing (what is that called?) and stood in front of my favorite tractor. This was just a great day. 

Taking advantage of my mothers amazing wardrobe when she was my age. OMG this amazing 4 piece silk/poly suit. I didnt ever thing this color would look good on me but I think it works. Also who else owns a fricking bus? My amazing family farm that is! 

This picture lives on my wall. Since I have met Sunny I just, don't even have the words. She is one of the most amazing people I have ever known. Her spirit resonates with me daily. To be honest she is one of the biggest reasons I am writing this post. She refused to see me give up on this blog and I love her for it. She just is amazing. This is not our first post we did but probably my favorite photo. Remember how we thought we were cold? Lets go do this tomorrow and rethink that ;) hahahahaha

This post brought out some serious attitude for me. Seriously showing off my tattoo, my not perfect legs, my spikey boots and my favorite hat. I was like WHAT THE F EVER. Bring it world. Yesterday I wish I could have channeled some of this attitude. Sometimes I just wish I could bottle moods and save them for later. 

Ohhh the pumpkin patch. Everything about October is amazing. I loved having my sister around every weekend, seeing families have a blast on our property and enjoying the mild weather. I wish it was October all the time. 

I really am missing one of my best friends Anissa. She used to live in GR but just recently moved to the other side of the mitten. I really miss her a lot. I need to make it out there soon. I also have other friends I need to see over there too. Its so hard for me to think of driving that far with an AWFUL car but....this was just a fun day at Art Prize and I miss her cats too. Love you Anissa. THanks for being there for me always. 

This is the day I met my boyfriend. It seems weird that it wasn't that long ago. I feel like I have known him for so long. It was such a fun day watching my Spartans play ball, hanging with my cousin and then meeting me some TB. XOXO

This day. I spent all day on the beach and then was like HEY COUSIN TAKE SOME PHOTOS OF ME. It was like ok this is how it is. Just do it. It made me realize sometimes blogging daily doesn't need to be so constructed and well thought just is what it is!!!! Also my cousin is an amazing photographer so HA! I loved having her home for the summer, I wish she was still around. 

ON the sixth day of blogging I met up with Kristin for the first time. It was a match made in heaven. We had so much fun and she even dared me to play with this sweater and her shoes. This post wouldn't even EXIST without her. I just adore her like I said earlier. She is amazing and works so hard at everything she does. She always makes me want to spend more time editing my photos (cause I don't AT ALL really minus light) but don't you think the scratches on my legs are cool :P 

I just love this color. I had a great time visiting my boyfriend for the first time in Chicago. Things were new and I was nervous. I had like 18 backup plans including one of my greatest friends from high school Clare and the cuz i just discussed early. Things went great though and this Dior shirt is just amazing. 

idk 001_edited-1
This picture. Me and my dad at farmers market back in the DAY. Also went in line with my post where i wore my dads vintage hoodie. It is one of my favorites. Plus who doesn't wear hoodies. And not like cool fancy hoodies but a legit printed hoodie. EVERYONE. how many times have you seen them on a fashion blog? I PERSONALLY have never........but you know whatever. I just get dressed everyday. 

This post. It was so see a lot of Lily and just a little bit of Rue in the corner. They make everyday better, even yesterday the roughest day in awhile. They knew i was sad and wouldn't leave my side all day. Animals just love us unconditionally. I am so blessed to have the greatest fur babies ever. I love them all! (even you stinky Hedwig..even you). 

I am not gone yet. But days like yesterday make it tough to be a fashion blogger. This post was not planned but fun to put together. It was kind of cathartic in a way looking back on the past one hundred and sixty eight days.....and posts....which is crazy mind you...... Anyways....thanks for reading. I hope to resume normalcy sometime soon. Or you just may get more crazy ranting rachel posts :) 

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  1. love love love love love you so much. You're a beautiful person. Don't give up on your dreams. ever. plus i won't let you ;)


  2. Great post! I liked the recap although the summer shots made me SO sad it's not summer anymore!


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