Friday, January 11, 2013

sweaters and skirts. day one-hundred-fifty-five.

I have been wanting to wear this outfit for awhile now! It is a really really warm outfit and in my mind the skirt really dresses up the sweater so it took me awhile to find the perfect opportunity to wear it but I did and voila! Here it is!

I was also extremely excited to finally find inspiration for the fur collar i did back in this DIY. It was so much fun to make but I am so indecisive about what else to pair it with. I always have these 'challenges' in my closet, things I have trouble styling, so I am always extremely excited to share when it works out! 

My hat was way covered in cat fur! I very quickly after taking these photos whipped out my lint roller, I am not perfect and no way was I gonna go back and re-shoot even though it is extremely obvious in all these photos! This is what happens when you have four pets including a WHITE cat....


~Outfit Details~
Sweater: Thrifted from Goodwill | Also Wore it Back in the Day on DAY FORTYEIGHT
Skirt: Thrifted | Hope's Outlet 
Fur Collar: I made that in a DIY HERE
Tights: Capezio | From Dance
Boots: Target | 4-5 years ago
Belt: Thrifted Last year
Pin: Gift from my mom | Lane Bryant

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