Sunday, January 20, 2013

the red wall. day one-hundred-sixty-four.

There has been a lot of 'red wall' love on the blog as of late. And here is why. This is my home, I spent my whole life in this house. Also starting the new job its just easier to take photos at home. I have lots of wonderful backdrops but when its cold I don't venture too far too often. This spot is on the east facing side where we have our patio and during winter all the furniture is put away. That means a vast expanse of red wall for me to get my shoot on. 
Fellow fashion bloggers: Do you have a favorite location you take your photos? I like to take mine wherever I am that day but sometimes that can get boring. I would love to take more photos out and about! 

~Outfit Details~
Shirt: Thrifted | Last wore it when I traveled HERE
Pants: Express | Thrifted
Blazer: Express | Thrifted
Shoes: Thrifted
Belt: Express | Thrifted (see a trend? :P)
I bout a lot of Express clothing back in the day both new and thrifted. Most of what I still wear is the thrifted pieces!

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