Thursday, January 31, 2013

what vintage means to me. day one-hundred-seventy-five.

There is something to me about old things. They carry a history, I feel like I have to preserve some aspect of time by enjoying a piece that is no longer wanted. I have always enjoyed the art of old eras and what better way to display art than to wear it. I feel like every piece; from haute couture to handmade has a unique story. Each time I see a union label from the 50s/60s my heart melts a little for people working to make these pieces that have lasted so long. To me slow fashion and buying vintage go hand in hand. What better way to not support a flawed industry than to not buy into it at all. Instead of supporting unsafe working conditions, mass production and the misuse of resources I enjoy supporting companies that help feed and house the homeless, find forever homes for pets, educate children in Africa and help abused women find help.

On top of all that greatness they have my own story, where I wore them, what I did that day, how I handled them and wore them again and again. I want to add my story to the rich history of garments in the most positive way I can. I want to pass these clothes along and know I treated them well and enjoyed them the most. I will buy 'vintage' for the rest of my life. I love how I consume fashion. 
Rue really wanted to be in photos I think today. She's not really vintage but shes sure cute anyway :D
So do me a favor, just try it. The next time you are thinking of expanding your wardrobe instead of heading to a mall or you favorite online spot, just venture out and try a thrift store that supports an amazing cause. It's an easy way to support something you may not otherwise have the ability to support. 

~Outfit Details~
Top: Vintage | Thrifted
Tank: Nordies Rack
Skirt: Vintage Pendelton | Thrifted - Hope's Outlet
Belt: Thrifted
Boots: Sam Edelman | Nordies Rack
Necklace: Thrifted | Ditto Resale


  1. I love me some vintage Pendleton! :D That crop shirt is so cute, too. I'm such a sucker for bright vintage floral. :)

  2. i want that jacket ;) oh my i love it! and that skirt is fab! i can't beleive your finds at thift stores mine usually stink lol


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