Saturday, February 16, 2013

DIY Dog Pants. day one-hundred-ninety.

I have been obsessed like forever with one of my favorite bloggers DIY CAT PANTS. Rachel (yah its an awesome name!) over at Floral Prints and Common Sense made these awesome pants and ever since the post I have been wanting to make them. But at the same time I kind of wanted to take it and put my own twist to it. So I decided to make DOG pants. Now....unlike her I AM NOT AN ILLUSTRATOR (and she is like really really good). But I decided to give it a whirl! 

She is also so stinking cool that you can buy SHORTS like her pants at her new ETSY shop here. I actually won a contest and chose THIS PRINT and I am obsessed with it. 

Anyway so I kind of mentioned this project in my PROJECT UPDATE post. Basically what you saw there was me turning some regular pants into skinny jeans (just like Rachel did in her post). THEN she highly recommended WASHING them so i did it here: 
Then i ironed them really well with the new seam and all :) 

Then you just start drawing with a black sharpie. I started googling 'cartoon dogs' because again I AM NOT AN ILLUSTRATOR and cannot for the life of me draw a dog from scratch. So i used some google images as bouncing off points! I also added in my dogs, my cats and blue from blue's clues (cause hes awesome). 

Then you just start painting! I picked a similar color palette to what Rachel chose because I liked that it was more basic. I focused more on browns and blues because I knew i could pair them with more things then. And here is a little preview of them, you will get to see tomorrow how I wore them! Cause I like to make you wait like that. 

And again, another shout out to Rachel at Floral Prints and Common Sense for this AWESOME idea. She is so creative!!!!!! 


  1. Oh my gosh these are so cool! I'm so glad you made some, they look great!


  2. you would've had me fooled that you're not an illustrator! your drawings look perfectly adorable to me!super awesome job & fun you took rachel's idea and made your own twist : )


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