Friday, February 1, 2013

February giveaway. day one-hundred-seventy-six.

Happy February! At the beginning of the year I talked about how I was going to highlight a business/idea each month. This month I am spending my time showing you my favorite jewelry and supporting a local friend and artist. This month is Hightower Chains month. Hightower makes some awesome stuff with chainmaille and forged items. I will have multiple giveaways this month so please keep your eyes out and make sure you tell your friends!

 You have probably seen this bracelet on me COUNTLESS times. Because well, I wear it frequently.......SO TODAY. I will be giving one away!!!!!!! This specific bracelet is called "Rian". I think it is so freaking awesome and it goes with everything. When you receive your winning bracelet it will be custom made to your size and specifications! Don't like how thick mine is? Hightower will make it thinner! He will even make it one row thicker if you want! He can even do it in a different color! In fact I have one in white/brass and I ADORE IT! So get dreamy and think-up some awesomeness. Here are some of my favorite times I wore this bracelet: 

PicMonkey Collage
It can really add to an outfit, I love to pair it with really funky stuff and get my rocker chick on and then also really light and lady like stuff to just throw everyone off balance. Its so comfy and easy to slip on the stretchy-ness makes everything AWESOME!!!!! So make sure you enter so you can have some awesomeness too! 

To enter the contest make sure you do all of the following: 
1. follow my blog somehow: GFC or bloglovin 
2. Like hightower on Facebook HERE
3. leave a comment below saying you did and letting me know what you would like your bracelet to look like when you win! you can check out his ETSY here for ideas and inspiration!

You get additional entries for each of the following (leave another comment and write your username in the comment so I know!) : 
1. follow my twitter
2. follow me on instagram
3. favorite hightowers etsy shop 
4. follow me on facebook

The contest ends at 12:00p.m. EST on February 19, 2013! Entries after that time will not be accepted! You have plenty of time to enter though and good luck. 

 I am so excited to spread the chainmaille love and help my friend grow his amazing business. This month will also feature an interview, two more giveaways, me sharing my photographing his new collection (and watching it roll out) and countless other chainmaille and forge amazingness!!!! I cannot wait to keep coming the collaborations each month for the rest of this year. I love supporting small businesses!!!!!! And of course I had to have an outfit so here I am wearing the chainmaille and those houndstooth pants again: 


~Outift Details~
Pants: Vintage | Thrifted Hopes Outlet | Worn Last On DAY Three
Tshir and Boots: Thrifted Hopes Outlet
Blazer: Express | Thrifted
Bag: Garage Sale
Beanie/Scarf: Thrifted | Shelby's Place
Coat: Michael Kors | Nordies Rack
Bracelet : Hightower Chains 


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    I would love a bracelet that looks like yours!

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