Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Howlin' for you. day one-hundred-eighty-seven.

I am so amped. I get to leave tomorrow to go see my boyfriend. We are meeting up in Portland OR and i cannot wait. I love the West Coast and am so amped. I have all my beanies and my combat boots 'packed' and ready to go.... (by packed I mean i still need to pack...dang). The weather is looking kind of eh for tomorrow so I am hoping for all flights to go off properly! Stay tuned for some Portland posts coming soon!

~Outfit Details~
Blazer: Vintage Ralph Lauren | Thrifted Hope's Outlet
JEans; Thrifted
Tshirt: From the Black Keys concert
Boots: Minnetonka awesomness


  1. I hope you had a great time! :) Portland, OR is my home town. :D
    I was flying to meet my boyfriend in TN at the same time you were flying with yours to the west coast! And we are planning a trip out there someday. Long flight though! :D

    1. no way! I LOVE That town it is such a cool city for real! THat is awesome :) hope you had a blast in TN i love it there too :D


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