Thursday, February 21, 2013

not clothes. day one-hundred-ninety-five.

i kinda felt like just sharing some fun Valentines day stuff instead of doing the normal outfit post. So get over it. There are some clothes in it though ;) IMG_6094
my boyfriend went way crazy in getting me these book related tshirts. I adore them though but thankfully he told me about them so I packed based on them! 

Below: I walked into our hotel to this amazingness...needless to say i was shocked and he couldn't have picked out a better piece from Tiffany & CO than these. I love them! Leaves and hearts!? UH YAH! 
Star gazer lilies (and lilies in general!) are my favorite flowers. He suprised me at the airport with them. Adorable. And below is my other V-Day gift this most amazing and totally not vegan pendelton bag. But its awesome and totally portland so i love it.
Tim is so cute and already had all his stuff hung up and in the closet. So i followed suit! I love it he is more crazy about clothes in some ways than me (and that says A LOT). And below is a cute headshot of him. When he wants to become famous he promised to use at least one of my headshots ;) this one sucks cause the white balance is all off and i wasn't shooting in RAW so :P Ah well hes pretty cute and I had the most amazing time. More to come! 


  1. happy happy happy! love portland :)

  2. oh my goodness he really went all out! what a sweetie!

    1. didn't he!?!?! i am the luckiest girl ever and not just cause he spoils me but he is also just truly an amazing person!

  3. wow someone is seriously spoiled ;) what hotel is that it looks awesome!!

    1. oh my gosh i know right???? he is CRAZY :) but he always says he would rather spend his money on me than himself.....i tell him not too but he gets these ideas! it was the hotel monaco, absolutely the coolest hotel ever!!!!


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