Tuesday, February 19, 2013

tractor travels. day one-hundred-ninety-three.

Something so great about a tractor as a background!! Especially when your outfit includes tractor red! Exciting things going on. TODAY i would like to announce the winner of my Hightower Giveaway: CONGRATS TO Throuthehaze for winning! She was one of only two people who entered my giveaway. I shouldn't be surprised based on how things have been going on the blog so far but I really kind of was and frankly very upset. But whatever I know she was excited and loved the bracelet so that makes me very happy :) Email me at theyearofslowfashion@gmail.com for details! 

Another thing. I MADE THESE PANTS! Well not from scratch but I have been wanting polka dot pants so i just decided to take some thrifted skinny jeans, an acrylic paint marker and just go crazy! I chose a silver paint marker. It would be fun to try different colors. I love the way they turned out its exactly what I wanted!  This is what I wore to the airport to head to Portland. I feel like this screams portlandia. Combat boots, a beanie and plaid. BRING IT. Plus I have a 90's jean jacket..i mean seriously...awesome. 

Pants: Thrifted | Shelbys Place (Painted by ME)
Jacket and Hat: Thrifted | Shelbys Place
Plaid: Thrifted
Boots: Younkers a year ago
Watch and Ring: From my amazing boyfriend


  1. I think this has been one of my very favorite of your outfits and I love that you made the polka dits. So much better than the prices J. Crew might want.

    1. thanks so much Kristian! That was kind of the idea :) plus I only want to support good fashion causes and that just doesnt exist with polka-pants :D Thanks for checkin out my blog again :)


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