Monday, March 4, 2013

being blogger lazy. day two hundred six.

I am sure other fashion bloggers find it funny that for ME an outfit post is the easiest thing. I have planned the past 2 posts to do my instagram roundup (since I have never done one on the blog!) but i just keep hitting the lazy blog button and posting outfits! I guess I just have it down to a fine art and the smallest amount of time doing outfit posts. I automatically get dressed every morning and while warming up my car I take photos (either by myself or my mom!) unless I have planned a fun lunch outing or something this is the routine. Then it takes me a short amount of time to edit (i dont really edit much at all...cause I am lazy) and then upload to flickr, post to blogger and VOILA DONE. So easy. So lets just say I am being lazy getting dressed. However I think this outfit is so dang cute (and one of my favorites in awhile). Probably because of my obsession with finding pendelton pieces (oh yah 3$ at salvation army for this gorgeous sweater) and my obsession with 'color blocking'. 
Sweater: Vintage Pendelton Thrifted | Salvation Army
Skirt: Thrifted | Hope's Outlet
Bag: Thrifted Kit | Ditto
Boots: Sam Edelman | Nordies Rack
Brooch: My mothers jewelry box
Belt: IDK


  1. adorable skirt. Love vintage skirts! oh my how awful is it that i never thought about taking pics in the morning (genius!) if i could get my self up on time lol. too bad its sooo snowy this outfit would have look adorbs with mary jane shoes!

    1. ohhhh it really would! I will have to remember mary janes as it warms up! I am an EARLY BIRD so i find it way easier to do that. Plus you look all nice and put together before a long day of work (at least thats how i am! work can be a whirlwind!)


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