Tuesday, March 5, 2013

february instagram roundup. day two-hundred-seven.

PicMonkey Collage

Woot! February is done and gone! So exciting for it to be March. I thought i fully went through my wardrobe of red and pinks for the month but am still finding great outfits that would have been perfect. So i keep notes and have started bringing out the March greens! Cannot believe in March we have 2 big holidays: St. Patricks Day and Easter. WOAH. Also cannot wait for Day Light Savings time! I love mornings and it being actually light out when I get done with work. More time to blog right? 

1. I got the coolest hat ever from Machete Shop...her knits are fabulous.
2. Cleaned out my sewing machine! OMG does it run smooth now
3. New fabrics = new projects. I have them all figured out I just havent started
4. This just makes me sad. Made in China for American Girl...sigh america
5. Awww Lily dog loves her cuddles
6. Lily and Rue love car rides!!!
7. TENDEN made me this awesome custom bag with my blog acronym :D
8. I made my own polka pants!
9. We adopted a new kitty! Orchid. She is so pretty 

March is so exciting. A new season! A fresh start. Just one year ago I was in a really tough place physically and mentally and made A LOT OF CHANGES. All of them have been extremely rewarding and I can say that I am on the path to recovery in such a great way. So March for me means a lot more than just a new season it is a celebration of a healthy life! Still important to have goals. My March goals are to ACTUALLY START MY ONLINE VINTAGE SHOP (Epic february fail), spend more time training my dogs and to get all of my student loans figured out (ugh to this one). Here we go! 

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  1. Great post! Excited for your spring outfits!! <3


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