Saturday, March 16, 2013

go ask alice. day two-hundred-eighteen

Lewis Carroll totally stole my heart with the Alice series. I am and have been ever obsessed with this wonderful world. I used to pour over the illustrations for quite some time and dream about just stepping once through that looking glass. I would see rabbits on the farm and want to follow them hoping there was some hole I could get lost in :) I also loved the Disney version of this tale and watched that tape basically until it died. And I basically think no one can do wrong with it, I am a big Tim Burton fan and i loved what he did putting Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass together :) plus the imagery was just perfect. Anyway, Tim got me this tshirt because he knows how much I love AIW and also books in general (see the Nancy Drew one he got me HERE). I am obsessed, the tshirt is so soft and I had so much fun pairing it with these totally vintage Pendelton pants. 
~Outfit Details~
Tshirt: Gift from the Boy
Pants: Vintage Pendelton Thrifted | Hope's Outlet
Shoes and Bag: Thrifted | Shelby's Place
Blazer: Vintage | Thrifted eons ago
Belt: Thrifted
Necklace: A gift from my mom (its little Alice items)


  1. I would never have thought to put that shirt with those shoes and pants but it SO works. I guess that's why you have a fashion blog and I don't :)

  2. Cool necklace!

    xo Jennifer


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