Wednesday, March 13, 2013

life lately. day two-hundred-fifteen.

reading - IMG_6747
As you can see I have a stack-o-books I have read only one of (oh and i got more TODAY...): Ruby Red by Kerstin Gier. Originally written in German but oh-my-goodness is it wonderful! I cannot wait to get the sequel from the library. (You should know I am obsessed with Young Adult (YA) fiction..just FYI). I was also really excited about James Patterson's YA novel: Confessions, cannot wait to read that. The composting books are because I am making my parents a Composting Bin! So I needed some materials to brush up on my skills. The fiction I am currently reading is not seen in stack because....well im reading it ok! BUT IT IS AWESOME! It is actually from the 'tween' section but I saw it when I was at Powell's in Portland, read the first 5 pages and loved it. It is called Wildwood by Colin Meloy; the illustrations by Carson Ellis are awesome. Highly recommended for adults.

listening to -
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I should clarify, i have Spotify and therefore get the chance to listen to a lot of music (I LOVEEEE MUSIC, oh and if your thinking of a music subscription, TOTALLY WORTH IT)

Tegan and Sarah | Hearthrob (uhhh yah just still obsessed cannot stop listening to this)
Atlas Genius | What It Was Now (was so excited for this album, cannot stop jamming to it)
deadmau5 | At Play Volume 4 (deadmau is my classic go to study/work/get amped "DJ")
Carbon Leaf | Ghost Dragon Attacks Castle (i used to be OBSESSED with them, I realized through spotify they are still jamming out, this albums title song is just gorgeous...hello re-obsessed?)
She & Him | Never Wanted Your Love (obsessed with the new single for the album due out May 7)
David Bowie | The Next Day (I am sorry but how could you not listen to this? He hasn't dropped in 10 years...its awesome :D)
The Knife | Tooth for an Eye (single: I have a varied musical taste...hello and welcome to that, the video is interesting....)

watching -
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I had the pleasure of finally going to see a movie, Oz the Great and Powerful;  and I really enjoyed it :) I love the stories of L. Frank Baum and I love how they went about this. It was also very visually pleasing.
I also just finished House of Cards on Netflix and cannot wait for it to continue! OMG!

On the same track as the movies i have seen I am lusting after the Glinda Palette by Urban Decay. I actually have the Theodora palette but I REALLY one this one :)

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All my animals and family members :) I didn't want to throw up too many pics but here are a few lately

I know this is a crazy different post from normal but I felt like doing something different and not Slow Fashion or Fashion at all! (except for the makeup part!). Happy Hump day!


  1. We totally finished House of Cards in a week! No joke. Anyway, very addicting and already ready for season 2! Thanks for sharing! Xo, M&K at

    1. i know right! i finished it in a little over a week too!! :D

  2. Really interesting post!

    1. thanks so much! trying to do something different every once in awhile ;)

  3. I'm OBSESSED with House of Cards!!!! Finished the whole season in just a few days and now dying for more. Glad I finally have someone to talk about it with! :)


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