Monday, March 18, 2013

patterned blues. day two-hundred-twenty

I love these pieces Todd makes. It's like he is sitting there in front of his machines just channeling everything my heart desires. In some ways I really hate him for this (and my savings account does too). But at the same time I love supporting a local dude just trying to make some amazing clothes. And amazing they are. Every stitch is well thought and so fantastic. When i got this piece he was like 'oh that you like that?' and I of course am like F YAH TODD I WANT IT NOW! So I bought it. He was probably just playing around and little did he know  he made me one of MY FAVORITE HOODIES of all time. I love the mix of patterns and color and the high low cut. It will be so fun come summer because its this terry cloth like fabric that just makes me feel so cozy! Dear Todd - never stop making clothes and never stop letting me enjoy them. The end. 

oh wait here are some more pictures (maybe not quite the end)
~Outfit Details~
Hoodie: TENDEN
Pants: DIY 
Ring: Gift | Boyfriend
Boots: Hand me over from Anissa

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  1. i want that sweatshirt!! amazing! love it with your blue jeans :)


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