Sunday, March 24, 2013

saturday work wear. day two-hundred-twenty-six

on Saturdays we wear Harbor Humane gear at Shelby's Place to show our connection and to strengthen our bond. Plus its fun to just have an EXCUSE to wear a hoodie. We have no real dress code at work (i mean don't look a fool) but I like to dress up. So basically I decided we should have a 'casual' day. I love it. I opted for this color hoodie not even thinking of how well it would go with these pants but sure enough it does and its an oh-so-cozy combo. I am pretty amped because my boyfriend is coming into town today!!!!! I have like a whole weeks worth of posts before we will get to the ones he will help me with but I am pretty excited to have someone else behind the camera and to have him around again for a while! Next weekend I will cap off our visit with me trekking to Chicago again which I ALWAYS LOVE!!!!! But stay tuned because I have some AWESOME outfits and some different locations for you coming this week! Also March is almost over (whhhattt) so there will be my second outfit roundup and insty roundup ever. Woot Woot. K hope you all have a great Sunday! 

~Outfit Details~
Hoodie: Harbor Humane
Boots: Hand me over from Anissa 

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