Wednesday, March 6, 2013

throw your belt to the side. day two-hundred-eight.

I am always finding myself having these weird habits. These little quirks that come into my day to day life and I have no recollection of how they ever came into being. Is this something that happens to everyone? Like i literally cannot shower without first brushing my hair, I always have to put on lip-gloss before i drive my car and various other things I probably don't even notice or cannot think of at this time. 

Well a coworker asked me the day I wore this outfit: "Why is your belt to the side". And I had to sit there and think about it for a few minutes.....I always wear my belt to the side when wearing pants (there is photographic evidence people check it fact like hundreds of them). And then all of a sudden I remembered exactly why I do this. My first boyfriend back in high school had an older sister who I looked up too a lot. We were in dance together and she was so stylish and I always admired her. She wore her belt to the side and I just kind of started doing it too and now its this habit I cannot break. If I ever wear a 'western' belt buckle I struggle to wear it in the front, I find myself reaching at my hip to un-do my belt in a restroom stall and get flustered everytime. It's this weird quirk of style that kind of makes me, I don't even know if she still does the same thing or if it was just a phase but It is one of those things that brings back a whole host of memories just thinking about it. Its a piece of my style that will never fully go away and a slice of my style history that makes me uniquely me. 

~Outfit Details~
Pants and Sweater: Thrifted | Ditto
Boots and Belt (to da sidee): Thrifted
Bracelet: A necklace! | Garage Sale

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