Friday, March 29, 2013

uniform of spring. day two-hundred-thirty-one.

Spring and Fall are the two greatest seasons ever. Yes summer is awesome because of the beach and the sun, and winter is cool for about 7 seconds playing in the snow and drinking hot chocolate but Spring and Fall are fashions best. Colors can be more bold and layering can get just out of control. For me spring means lots of layers. Michigan weather varies in the spring from snowing one minute to sunshiney and warm the next so having many layers is key. My spring uniform usually consists of some kind of jacket/blazer over some kind of shirt combination. Maybe a button up? A tshirt? A sweater? Or all at once. 

Spring and Fall also mean lots of colors. This blue/black/grey outfit just points to how hard it is to transition into spring colors when its still dreary outside. However playing with print mixing and textures is always a great alternative to bold spring colors and if I am not playing with colors it is usually prints and textures instead. This jacket has so many textures, clear vinyl pockets, jean material and even an almost leather piece on the back. Paired with my DIY polka-dot pants and a screen-printed tee this is my classic go to look. Also because I have secretly wanted to be goth/punk my whole life I adore pairing these soft looks with chunky Jeffrey Campbell spiked Litas and my studded belt. And voila there you have it my spring uniform is born. Never predictable but always fun. 
PicMonkey Collagemarch24
~Outfit Details~
Tshirt: Mail Chimp Freebeeeee
Jacket: Thrifted | Ditto
Pants: DIY
Boots: Jeffrey Campbell

needless to say I think I described mine in great detail! What is your go to spring look? 

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