Tuesday, April 2, 2013

march insty roundup. day two-hundred-thirty-five.


Its Crazy that March is already done and we are two days into April! April Fools day brought us a bit of SNOWFALL (not joking..please shoot me now). And I am so ready for that to be over. I was happily anticipating Spring all of March and in the last insty roundup but NOOOO it just stayed far far away. March has brought on many struggles but also many great things as well! I finally got my student loans figured out (annoying) and am making steps towards getting my $$$ life in order! Woot! Here are some other fun things that happened: 

1. My cat Troy and my dad are like best friends. Anyone else is second rate. Its cute
2. I died my hair! It was crazy. 
3. I bout this inspirational book that I sometimes just want to throw at the wall..othertimes I love it
4. My mom made me some bomb a#$ vegan grilled cheeze and tomato soup. Cannot wait for us to blog about this on my foodie blog (which i have yet to post on..fail). My mom makes some awesome sh#tz
5. I pointed out how Rue only sleeps in one position
6. More vegan noms. I eat Kale (fairy wings as we now call them) for breakfast everyday. This day i opted for a bagel in leu of toast 1/2 with vegan cream cheese (with olives cut up!) and the other half with peanut butter ..yummm
7. my dogs sleeping mirror image style. so cute
8. My boy came to visit and we got mani/pedis. He is insanely ticklish so this was quite entertaining for me. 
9. I wore TWLOHA for Saturday the 30th. My favorite organization. 

Well hopefully April will be more productive than March. I have been reading more about time management and am getting better at getting things done! I didn't meet my March goal of setting up my online vintage shop but i think just one more week and it will be up and running! Also in April I am doing a yoga challenge at Funky Buddha (in fact as I am writing this my arms are killing me from so many dang chaturangas). I also hope in April it will be warm enough to start doing yard work and thinking about the garden! I want to plant so much Kale this summer that I have to sell it.  Hope everyone has a great April!!!!

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  1. I cannot believe you got snow, and on April Fools to boot haha! I love how you and your boy got mani pedis together- Marc would never agree to that in a million years. Maybe I'll trick him into it one day ;)

    And good luck setting up your online shop, and yay for yoga! That's seriously the most relaxing workout. Anything that doesn't involve running is a win in my book

    xo Marlen
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