Tuesday, May 7, 2013

april insty-roundup. day two-hundred-sixty-eight

april instagram collage

As I have said a ridiculous amount of times, April was a CRAZY month for me! 
1. I started practicing yoga frequently at Funky Buddha Hothouse. In fact May brings on a 30 classes in 30 days challenge that is already kicking my butt. 
2. I had a great photoshoot with the ladies from Everythings Always Sunny and Rebel Petal. Thanks to them for helping me shoot for my new online store
3. I finally got the online store up and running! it also has a blog www.lilyandrue.com . I put out the Spring collection and am soon putting out the summer/festival collection stay tuned!
4. I have been finding more and more slow fashion blogs / community groups. I love the girls over at Dear Fashion and finally got my copy!
5. Rue helped me get clothes ready for the store. 
6. I finally learned how to do these weird flippy do photos on instagram ;) what a dork.
7. Bought too much TENDEN stuff
8. We have been cleaning out the basement and coming across old family photos, this is my Great Aunt Kaye who i was named after. 
9. Amazing photoshoot with Tony Martin of Shore Magazine. Can't wait to show you guys whats to come with that. 

So here is to an even crazier May! I hope to complete this yoga challenge, am traveling to Eugene and also seeing some live music with some college friends! I am so happy for warmer weather and to be busting out shorts :D 

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