Tuesday, May 7, 2013

compassion. day two-hundred-sixty-nine

We must not refuse with our eyes what they must endure with their bodies. - Gretchen Wyler. 

Sums up perfectly what being a compassionate eater is about. As a vegan this is something i fully understand but living in the world of non-vegans as a majority I sometimes struggle to understand. I constantly hear things like "well i don't want to know about it" or "that is too sad I can't think about it" while they continue going along eating meat and dairy. Sometimes I wonder if only they sat down and spent time learning what these animals go through how it might change actions. Regardless to me compassion means education. And regardless if you are vegan or not you should know where your food comes from!!! Learning about what happened to my food before it entered my belly is a lot of the reason I became vegan. But others refuse to talk about it or get involved with learning where there food comes from and choose to be quiet and attempt to quiet others. SHHHHHH don't talk about it. 

(sad sad bacon)

~Outfit Details~
Blazer: Amazingness
Jeans: Thrifted | Ditto
Shoes: Royal Elastics


  1. I love, love that blazer. Wish I could find something like that when I thrift. I always find the exceptionally bad cast-offs. But the one you have is awesome!

    1. thanks lisa!!!!! i like to think i have amazing thrifting talents :)

  2. I love the blazer! But even more I love how you stand up for what's right. I've gone back to being vegetarian and am working on becoming fully vegan. Meat was easy for me to give up but I've had a lot more trouble with cheese but I'm working on it. I (tried) to watch Earthlings but I only made it 10-15 minutes in because I was crying so hard I had given myself a migraine. But I haven't eaten meat since and if I'm ever tempted, I'll just pop that back in the DVD player! Thank you for being such a good example!!!

    1. wow i am way behind on comment write backs!!!! IT was SOOO hard for me to watch too it took me about 5 sessions of small increments of it. I just kept reminding myself I had to see it.....It is really really hard. I am not perfect either but i think both of us live it a bit more than others :)


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