Tuesday, May 28, 2013

keep portland weird. day two-hundred-ninety

Ever since I first came to Portland a few years ago I have wanted to do a photo shoot with this sign. It's just so great and oh so true. The last time i was visiting I saw a guy walking around with a full grown cat on his shoulder (on a leash). This time I just kept wanting to stop and hand out food to all the homeless pets. They all seemed so well taken care of but I just wanted to do my part. Anyway I changed subjects pretty quick there but yes this sign. Love it right. 
Also. Love these dead stock vintage jeans. I should have handwashed them because now they are all washed out weird...maybe I will try to dye them? 

~Outfit Details~
Pants: Vintage Dead Stock | LuLu's Vintage in Portland
Shirt: Buffalo Exchange in Eugene
Bag: Lullu's Vintage in Portland
Shoes: Minnetonka Thrifted 

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