Friday, May 24, 2013

man pose. day two-hundred-eighty-six

You will see why I named this post what I did in a minute. 

Now we were headed for our mini-trip to Portland! This is what I wore on the travels. I love slipping on a pair of cozy moccasins for travel. I wore these on the plane and many times on the trip. They have little niblets on the bottom of them that kind of massage your feet as you walk. AHHH. 
Anyway so we drove across all this gorgeous farmland (including tulips, goats and even a creepy adventure park). It was a great drive, once we arrived we sat down and had a drink. I kept on the same sweatshirt because our lounge was right by the room and after all the travels I needed a drink! :-D 

I know I have been really heavy on the text/links lately but I have been feeling chatty. This is what happens when you spend your evening actually working on blog posts like you planned and not all the other things you should do too! Woot. Get over it. Don't follow the links psh. See if I care ;-) 
Get Ready for it......

WaBAM! Tim doing his man poses. I wanted him to show off his TENDEN jeans (because yes I spread the T-DEN love around) 
~Outfit Details~
Sweatshirt/Glass: Tags Cut Off / Cheapo-Sunnies | Buffalo Exchange
Shorts: Thrifted | Shelby's Place
Shoes: Minnetonka Thrifted | Salvation Army

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