Friday, May 31, 2013

may outfit roundup. day two-hundred-ninety-three

Holy wowza! MAY what happened to you? Am I the only one or did May just FLY BY? It's kind of ridiculous actually. More to come on why with the insty-roundup tomorrow. But here are some of my favorite May Outfits. 
may 2013 outfit roundup 1
1. Work wear got vintage and cropped 2. This really gorgeous TENDEN shirt I misplaced since I bought 3. The vintage-mod dress I have never worn and of course 4. The cat sweater

may 2013 outfit roundup 4
I had a lazy t-shirt thing going this month. Somedays it can be hard to dress yourself. 1. doggie shirt 2. leopard green 3. the black keys 4. a vegan shirt 

may 2013 outfit roundup 2
And a think for turquoise both when it was 1. Cold and Rainy and 2. Warm and Sunny

And then I went to Eugene/Portland OR!!! Here are some of my favorites from the trip. 
may 2013 outfit roundup 5

may 2013 outfit roundup 3
My absolute favorite 1. Vintage Deadstock Jeans 2. The blanket coat and 3. Namaste Bitches (best title award for the month ;) 

shoremag1 (2)
Oh and of Course cannot forget the Shore Magazine Article Post from yesterday!!!! Great End to a quick and fabulous month. 

Well I am looking forward to June, official summer, the beach and lots of travel fun!!!!! Tomorrow we round up May with instagram recap!


  1. How fun that you've been able to wear shorts so much (and in so many different ways!)

  2. Congrats on the magazine spread! It's always cool to spread the word about living sustainably. Also, me and my partner were just in Portland at the beginning of May. LOVE that place. Did you get a chance to go to the vegan strip mall (it has Herbivore and Food Fight)?

  3. Oooh Black Keys shirt! I actually live in Akron!


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