Wednesday, May 1, 2013

retr -ohhhh. day two-hundred-sixty-three

I keep forgetting to post! DAMN! So I promise (cross my heart) That today you will get two posts just to make up for my lack of awesomeness. Also today I am heading to a photoshoot with Shore Magazine and Todd from Tenden. I am like way nervous...they said bring some of your clothes! HOW DOES ONE DECIDE???? So I have been picking some of my favorite YOSF outfits to share :) But anyway today I bring you a way retro dress. I wanted to sell it on my store but it has tiny holes in the fabric and what I want to sell must be pretty much mine all mine! It was the perfect fit with Kristins sunnies and booties! I am seriously jealous of these boots. 
So tonight coming at you will be an April wrap up post and tomorrow I will share my month in instagrams! Holy crap its MAY weird right? And here it feels like mid summer. No complaints though better than April was so far ;) 

~Outfit Details~
Dress: Garage Sale YEARS AGO
Boots and Sunnies: Kristin at Everythings Always Sunny

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