Thursday, May 30, 2013

shore magazine. day two-hundred-ninety-two

I am really excited to announce my first PRINTED publicity! I was featured in an article about slow fashion in Shore Magazine. Shore magazine is a lifestyle mag for people living on and around the Lake Michigan coastline. What I love most about this publication is that you can read the whole thing online very easily! I had a blast during the interview and the photo-shoot. I had instagrammed a few shots from the shoot. Here are some screen shots of the article below: 

shoremag1 (2)
shoremag2 (2)
shoremag3 (2)

Of course I am wearing TENDEN in every outfit featured in the article! And there is Todd himself ;) 

Here is the web-version of the article. 

And here are some out-takes. Thanks so much to Tony Martin for sending me these shots so I can share them with my readers! 


PicMonkey Collage
PicMonkey Collage 2
I love that slow fashion is slowly coming into more parts of main stream culture. More and more people are caring and becoming aware of what they are buying. It makes me ecstatic because that is really all i want!! Woo Hoo. I was way excited I hope you all find it interesting as well. 

Photography Courtesy of Tony Martin and Shore Magazine


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