Saturday, June 15, 2013

diy tribal shorts. day three-hundred-seven

I love quick DIY's. 

I have a whole pile of DIY's sitting waiting for me to actually DO and instead this piece of fabric comes into my life and I quickly throw this together. My DIY Tribal Shorts. Super easy. There are some things I am not liking about them but because they are so easy I will try them again. I just have seen these fabric / jean shorts in these tribal/southwestern prints and wanted some. But slow fashion me means either they are hundreds of dollars or its a DIY! Woot! So i sewed these on around the pockets by hand and then sewed around the rest with machine. I think the one thing is i should have covered up the whole side and not left the zipper exposed. The fabric turns into blue and it just looks kinda weird. So I may redo the whole front :P But i even sewed the peekaboo pocket and a back pocket (which I never took a stinkin picture of...grrr). I will instagram a shot of them :) 



~Outfit Details~
Shirt and Bolo Tie: Vintage Thrifted | St. Vincent DePauls in Eugene OR
Shorts: DIY/Shorts from GAP pants by YOSF
Belt: A Garage Sale

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