Sunday, June 2, 2013

lets take this to the dog park. day two-hundred-ninety-five

And now....for an ALL iPhone post! Post-Yoga sweaty mess - dog park activities. Lets do this dog park..lets do this. 
May 31st 2013 078
May 31st 2013 104
May 31st 2013 082
May 31st 2013 092
May 31st 2013 114
May 31st 2013 108
My friend Brandon's adorable foster dog!!!!

May 31st 2013 090
May 31st 2013 119
May 31st 2013 095

These sandals are super duper comfortable and awesome. I will be having a giveaway through my blog for your own pair of cushe shoes TOMORROW! So why don't you start browsing their amazing selection of shoes and pick out what you would like to win when you sign up tomorrow? 

~Outfit Details~
Tshirt: From a vegan food-fest in Detroit
Hoodie: From my yoga studio
Sandals: The Clover c/o Cushe

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