Wednesday, June 5, 2013

oversized, overworn. day two-hundred-ninety-seven

i really didn't want to wear clothes this day. I just felt fat and uncomfortable in my body. It happens. 

So I put on my shirt dress, some shorts and got lazy with mahself. At least it was a fun print! The formula for my go to outfits are oversized comfy shirt + shorts (or jeans) and comfy shoes. BOOM. 
feeling kind of sassy this evening. 


~The Deets~
Shirt: Thrifted Vintageness | Shelby's Place
Shorts: From Pants From Pac-Sun From Years Ago
Shoes: !@#% (cannot remember the brand and don't want to walk upstairs {its that lazy thing again} ) but they are from Hawaii! And I am sure it is written on a past post somewhere. Google it. 

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