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The Bling Ring : A Movie Review. day three-hundred-thirteen

Beautifully filmed, and wonderfully acted by Emma Watson, Sofia Coppola's film "The Bling Ring' had me from the opening credits. The film is based on the true story of a group of teenagers who robbed the homes of the rich and famous between October 2008 and August 2009, coming away with over $3 million worth of loot from the likes of Paris Hilton, Orlando Bloom,  and Lindsay Lohan. When approached to do a review of the movie i immediately watched the trailer and found myself shaking my head, which is a testament to how well Coppola has captured the celebrity-obsessed culture that surrounds us nowadays. How perfect for a slow fashion blogger to get asked to go to this movie right? This plays right into the reasoning why I am into slow fashion. The incessant need to have the new 'it', or 'celebrity' item is what brought these kids to steal a bunch of shit in the first place. I was very excited to get to see this film on Monday before it hits theaters tonight. 
The Bling Ring

I had heard some bad stuff about the acting in this film and find myself totally disagreeing. Practically every actor is a break-out kid except of course Emma Watson (however this is her first film NOT based on a book) and Taissa Farmiga (From American Horror Story). The Kids in the Ring from Left to Right: Taissa Farmiga, Israel Broussard, Emma Watson, Katie Chang and Claire Julien. My favorite performance was Watson's but its followed closely by Israel Broussard who plays the hesitant to steal but fame obsessed Marc. During the stealing montages he is consistently the voice of reason, telling the girls to 'hurry up' or that this isn't right. It was good to see that these kids all didn't think they would get away with it forever....I mean serious. He doesn't even act that surprised when they finally do get caught. 

the Bling Ring
As I briefly mentioned, Emma Watsons portrayal of 'Nikki' (Real life Alexis Neiers) was truly fantastic. Who knew she could play shallow and vapid so well. I found out she watched Alexis' awful show 'Pretty Wild' which aired for one atrocious season, to understand her body language and the way she speaks. Well I think she did an amazing job and even though she was not the STAR of the show (unlike how the trailer and all of the print media would have you think). Her performance really adds quite a bit to the movie. 

One of my other favorite parts of the film was the fact that somehow Coppola convinced Paris to let them fillm the sceens of them stealing from her place AT HER ACTUALLY HOME! I actually DID NOT know this before seeing the movie but instead read about it after and was shocked. I seriously did not realize how self-obsessed that girl is...but then again i have never really followed her. She seriously has photos of herself EVERYWHERE and even pillows with her face on them (See above ;P). 

So that was cool.. And hilarious to find out after the fact. In real life and in the movie the Bling Ring stole multiple times from Paris' house. You think after one time of being robbed you might be a bit more careful about locking your sliding deck doors? But no...they get in no problem every time. 
The Bling Ring Review
I thoroughly enjoyed how Sofia decided to portray the seemingly endless thefts. At first it seemed unrealistic that celebrities would be leaving the doors unlocked even after having been robbed but somehow they just keep coming back. Not all these swindlings are brought with lavish montages aided with an amazing soundtrack. In fact her dichotomy of showing us the thefts up close and then from the security camera with hardly any music at all really showed us that Sofia was not trying to glamorize or criticize these kids, she was simply trying to show us a story from all of its sides. 

Oh and the partying. Montage after montage. Over time they got more and more into the partying, bottle service, coke in the bathroom, facebook photoshoots with stacks of 50s. How these kids thought they WOULDN'T get in trouble I will never know. Part of the way they got caught was because they had all these pictures of them in the shit they stole on facebook...I mean really???? Ahhh......
The Bling Ring
OH and how about some Gavin Rossdale for you? Yes. He shows up. I was ecstatic ;) 

Leslie Mann also stars as Emma Watsons oblivious home schooling mom Laurie who quite literally uses the principles of the Secret as a background for wonder these kids got in trouble they just thought the universe was trying to tell them it was OK to steal? Fascinating. 


A lifestyle really can be a liability and attempting to live a lavish life of celebrity while you are actually NOT a celebrity generally ends in jail time and a scarred reputation. The Bling Ring by Sofia Coppola based on an article in Vanity Fair titled "The Suspect Wore Louboutin's" by Nancy Jo Sales is a well rounded look at a case that highlights the fascination America has with all things celebrity. Well paired with an insanely addictive soundtrack (i have had it on repeat all week) this movie is sure to be a crowd pleaser this summer. Beyond just being fun and flashy we are given a well established look at the universe of spoiled rich kids without glamorizing or critisizing them. Even though i want to go party and steal now thank goodness i know it can lead to me serving 30 days of my year sentence (as Emma Watson's character ended up). But even so I know I want to put on my crown on and go see it again. 

I give this 3 out of 5 stars and a definite must see. 

In theaters everywhere June 21st 2013.

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