Tuesday, July 2, 2013

june instagram roundup. day three-hundred-twenty-three

June, quite like its spring/summer predecessor FLEW THE !@#$ by!! BYE BYE June....Ugh summer goes way too fast!!!

I had a fantastic June, got to visit a lot with friends and travel to Chicago. Spent lots of time in the garden and outside with my pups. I cannot wait to enjoy more summer weather on the BEACH and in the garden!

Also if you follow me on Facebook June meant that all of a sudden my instagrams are not posting to FB! UH OH! I dunno some technical issue is occurring but whatever this is what the roundup is for.
june instagram collage
1. my dog rue is just adorable. I caught her in this cute belly-rub smile and used the beautiful mess app to zaz it up. I haven't messed around much on the app but it really is fun and worth 0.99 cents
2. been reading a lot of great books like this Baron Baptiste one! VERY inspirational
3. Spending time with my friend Brandon means seeing the Rorschach cat Boyo! This view says squirrels or praying angels to me. What do you see?
4. I ate an entire vegan pizza in one sitting...and never cut a slice. Fatty.
5. Troy cat was not amused
6. I found this velvet beauty at work. Its mine
7. The most hilarious thing in the free bin at a garage sale. I about died
8. Kale is growing like crazy!
9. Troy tried to steal our crop of strawberries. Silly Troy.
A little sad June is over but its going to be a great July! We had some staffing changes at work happen which I am way amped about, I am taking a trip to Lake Geneva for the 4th and my Aunt has a big deck party the weekend of the 13th! July means summer is really here!!!!

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