Monday, July 1, 2013

june outfit roundup. day three-hundred-twenty-two

Well goodbye June! It is like i turned around and there goes one of the greatest months. June was action packed! I kept myself way busy, sometimes too much so and enjoyed every minute of my time! I even didn't post every day and I have some making up to do this July. I cannot believe i am already 322 days into the blog it is surreal knowing the year will end. I hope you guys want to keep seeing more because I right now plan to continue and post 3X a week. You guys want to see me stick around? 

june roundup 1
June called for shorts and fun prints! I wore a lot of my favorite thing - PRINTS in June both loud like in funky pants and toned down like in blood tight. 1. super store poppies 2. blood tight and 3. funky pants (in retrospect it should have been named funky SHORTS....)

june roundup 2
I experimented with items I don't usually feel comfortable wearing. 1.that's right...floral overalls - featuring overalls which with my long everything make me feel like a giantess sometimes. So why not just add some giant heels to really play that up and GTF over it  2. black and yellow black and yellow - featuring crop-tops which I still wear but am not 100% confident in myself (so its good!). For me fashion is about growing myself to be more confident and proud of my body. It is a part of my healing and another reason I started the blog! I thought !@#$ if i put myself out there daily and I come out of it not feeling confident I don't know what will work! (p.s. its out for this ego ya'll ;))

june roundup 4
The Bling Ring. I had a great time going to see the flick early and it has made me think even more about what my blog means to me and why slow fashion is so important. The over indulgence of the fame-fashion culture really points out a growing problem in our society. Needing everything new and shiny right now fixes an immediate problem of fulfilling desire but that item does not hold a lasting experience. 

Slow fashion seeks to create a relationship with our clothing. Make it more of a part of us. Our wardrobe is not something we need to reinvent daily but yet something, like our personalities that we develop over time. Adding a piece here and there that really speaks to us and creating a wardrobe to last a lifetime. I will wear this t-shirt until it dies. I keep really good care of it. I have worn it a billion ways and a bunch of times for the blog and will keep finding ways to use my wardrobe around it. Its items like this that keep me away from the bling ring mentality. Although it would be pretty fun to play in some of their closets from time to time ;)  

Read my review - The Bling Ring Review, and check out the latest of the wolf-pack shirt posts from June. 

june roundup 3

And to end the June reminder just a few of my favorites from the month.

Happy July!

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