Monday, July 15, 2013

shipping container. day three-hundred-thirty-four

I love this shipping container outside of work. When i get a break or if i have time at the beginning of the day I try to snap some quick pictures whenever I can by it! It is so cool. I am obsessed with the idea of using these things to build a house and want to do it SO BAD. In fact i am obsessed with tiny houses in general. Too bad i would need to build a regular sized closet on the side of the tiny house for my 100 pairs of shoes. Or maybe I need to actually get on board with not having so much stuff and par it down......

IMG_9945 IMG_9948 IMG_9943 IMG_9947 IMG_9946 IMG_9944
~Outfit Details~
Tshirt: From a vegan food fest!
Shorts: Thrifted | Shelby's Place
Shoes: Cushe

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  1. 100 pair??? Where do you keep them all? Do they have their own closet??


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