Saturday, July 27, 2013

summer strolls. day three-hundred-forty-three

There just ain't nothin like a good ole summer stroll through the forest and meadows with a dog and a friend. Can't beat it. Now that I am sitting here in my hoodie and sweatpants (cause its cold as frack) I am wishing it was hot like this again! Made the evenings so nice. Now its just too cold to even want a bonfire! Maybe I am just a wimp...yup thats it. 
IMG_0279 IMG_0251 IMG_0326 IMG_0254 IMG_0280 IMG_0260 IMG_0330 IMG_0281 IMG_0278 IMG_0252 IMG_0331
~Outfit Details~
Shirt: Vintage Thrifted | Ditto Upscale Resale
Shorts: Thrifted Altered from Pants | Shelbys Place
Belt: Old
Shoes: Thrifted | Hope's Outlet


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  1. love this look!! cute! I adore summer strolls...can't believe how cold its been!!

    Bunnies and Pearls


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