Tuesday, August 27, 2013

this is the END Part III. day three-hundred-sixty-five


I just keep putting this off.
Because to be honest the year will NEVER end. 
I am really excited to start Slow Your Style but essentially its the same thing with a different name. And a different goal. The goal being to create a community of like minded people who care about what they wear! I don't mean what brand or what style or being hip or cool I mean caring about the impact what you wear makes. On the community, your pocketbook and the world. Because style is more than fashion. Its not here one day and gone the next, it transcends fashion. Its so much cooler than fashion. That is why I needed a name change (plus the year is OVER). 

Everyone keeps congratulating me for the year. And yes it is a significant milestone in my life and I am so grateful for those close to me who care but I congratulate myself for CONTINUING. Some days blogging is so hard. You work forever to make a post and then get no comments! Or no readers! Or lose followers. It can be terribly taxing on your SOUL if you let it. There were a few moments there when I almost gave up. And I am so glad I did not. And I am so glad I totally forgot about those when I decided to continue with Slow Your Style. Because in the end none of that crap matters. 

What matters were the experiences I had doing this blog and the wonderful connections I have made in the blogging and real world. 

Here is a list of the awesome Shit I got to do:

tenden tribute
1. TENDEN. I don't think I need to go into detail. Every week contains at least 1 or 2 pieces from my collection. I adore everything he makes and does and we have become friends on top of it :) well maybe becuase I just buy his stuff but regardless I love his style and attitude. Hes a cool dude. My first interview on SYS will be with him. Get amped. I know you are! Well.... I am

2. The first interview I did. With Hightower Chains - So fun to interview your friends!

3. The second interview i did with Blood Tight Apparel. So fun to interview people you admire!

5. All the DIY I actually got to. Those that I didn't are being carefully scheduled so they ACTUALLY happen SOON!

6. The High Fashion post with my best bloggy buddy Kirstin of Everythings Always Sunny. Admire the shit out of this chick

7. Scratch that. Everything I have every done with EAS is awesome. Check out her redesigned blog HERE

shoremag1 (2)
8. Getting to be in Shore Magazine. Such a wonderful experience!

9. Interview with SlowFashioned.com

10. Guest post at Peacoats and Plaid

11. Meeting tons of other bloggers online and offline. Too many to count!

I am sure I am missing some awesome shit that happened. But whatever. I can recap for that for you in SYS. Right now I have tons of things on my plate with getting the site ready, getting a design finished, tshirts printed (ohhh get amped!) and just regular life crap as well.

The year has been an amazing experience. I couldn't have done it without all of you. My awesome family, friends and those I don't know so well who somehow stumbled across this little microcosm of a blog. Thank you so much from the deepest part of my heart for following along on my journey. I hope you continue to follow me through my adventures at Slow Your Style!

Peace. Love. Style.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

this is the end Part II. day three-hundred-sixty-four

A day late. 
A post short.
Aww F IT WHO CARES! its the end anyway! 

Delaying the inevitable. The inevitable will still come just a day later :) Decided I wanted to celebrate the official 'year' on a Friday. 

So the last post I mentioned how I wanted to talk about Self-Portraits and the joys of blogging and taking your own photos. Below is the FIRST selfie i ever took for the blog. It appeared on DAY TWENTY-THREE! I am pretty proud of the fact that I found 22 people to take my first 22 blog posts but after awhile depending on people just gets exhausting. 
Personally I use just a timer and a tripod.

A lot of bloggers I know use a remote which would be 1) way easier and 2) way more rad but I tend to be able to see where the remote is in the photo (in said persons hand or tossed on the ground). To me there is something fun about getting the focus right and then having only 10 seconds to run to the right spot. Its a challenge. Here are my tips for self portraits

1. Have a tripod. Good luck otherwise getting your camera balanced properly and to stay there. I tried that a few times and quickly invested in a tripod
2. Find something to focus on. I will generally set auto-focus on the wall behind me and then turn to MANUAL FOCUS (very important). Move the tripod back however many feet I will be standing from the wall and then shoot the picture. If you do not put it on manual it will refocus and you will be out of focus.
3. Everytime you take a photo change where the camera is looking even just a little bit. This lets you have more range of photos. I discovered that even if i change my pose it can get boring to be shot from the same position! I also try to *very nicely* tell my photographers to move around :)
4. Take way more photos than you think you may need! That way you will have tons to work with
5. Don't over-judge yourself too much. It takes a long time to learn how to do selfies seriously. Some days I could never get the focus right or the ligthing right but WHATEVER. You can chose NOT to post that outfit or to just post it like I do and deal with it :)
6. HAVE FUN! Its supposed to be fun. I have the most fun when I take my dogs out to the farm with me and play around trying to find different spots.

Here are a few of my favorite SELFIE Days:
Day Twenty-Eight. Wolfpack Shirts

Day Thirty Six. Print Mixing

Day Sixty Five - Maxi Skirt The lighting this day..omg i cannot replicate it to save my LIFE
Day Seventy Eight - Long Cardigan and Cutoffs
!@#$ Pants - Day One Hundred Seventeen - The post that inspired the Banner! 
Uniform of Spring - Day Two Hundred Forty One
Tribal Shorts - Day Three Hundred and Seven
All in all my selfies range from super sucky suck time to way freaking epic. I remember the first time someone told me my photographs were awesome. I got so geeked and amped. Then the next shot of photos turned out SO SHODDY I totally hated myself! I have learned to get rid of the hate speak (and actually found out my lens was dirty :P) and instead just embrace the experience. Some days photos are effortless and wonderful and other days it takes way freaking long. 
Slow Your Style will have PLENTY of selfies but I also hope to get the chance to meet more amazing people to take my photo and to be BEHIND the lens even more. 
Until tomorrow! Here are my fav and current hashtags for the new blog-
#slowyourstyle #howslowcanyougo 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

this is the end. Part I. day three-hundred-sixty-three

the end1
Cannot believe this is the end.
A whole YEAR of blogging!!! 

Of attempting this challenge of slowing my wardrobe. It has been an amazing experience and something I will never forget. It has given me so many opportunities and also taught me so much about myself. It may not have turned out exactly as I thought it would but I still did it. The project has inspired me to continue forth. I will never buy differently from how I have the past year. Living consciously is such a wonderful way to go about life and being aware of what happens before the clothes are on my body is very important to me now. 

The past few days I have been racking my brain trying to come up with the "perfect" way to wrap up the year and I just didn't have that spark or zazzle of an idea. So instead I am just winging it. For this and the next two posts (THREE TOTAL PARTS TO "THE END") I am going to take a little trip back in time and reflect a bit on the year and get myself amped for the new project. 
Picture1 (1024x593)
Remember this guy? My first banner :) Creating this outfit last June was an aspect of the inspiration for the year of slow fashion. I thought heck, I have had these shorts, this shirt and these shoes in my closet for quite some time and i never wear them. Why is that? I was inspired to try and create different combinations in my closet and then that's what I did. The challenge allowed me really discover my style and embrace what it is.
The first blog post! I still own and wear everything in this photo! (still haven't fixed those shoes...that's on the SYS list I promise!). I quickly learned that there is a lot of work that goes into a blog outfit post.

 Here is my basic formula: (for kicks)
1. Pick out outfit (this can take anywhere from 7 seconds to 7 days and was kind of the whole point of the blog)
2. style outfit
3. chose photo location
4. get to said location. hike your ass through a field, or drive into some random 'posted' area
5. take photos. You have more time if you chose not to park in an unwelcome spot. but is that fun?
6. Take MORE PHOTOS THAN YOU NEED. seriously.
7. hike/drive your ass back
8. upload and edit photos (i always did a MINIMAL amount of this...)
9. Upload photos to flickr
10. write html for post and insert images
11. publish
12. share on social media and repeat steps 1-12 for 365 days or more.
thisistheend1 thisistheend2
Fashion blogging, unless you are a street style blogger or someone who is strictly behind the lens also forces you to have your photo taken like. ALL THE TIME. In my case every stinking day. I quickly embraced being "THAT FRIEND" who quickly taught EVERYONE how to use the Digital SLR, frame a photo and use light. The people I recruited to do my photos are some of the most wonderful people in my life; family, friends, lovers and fellow bloggers. Every day became a journey with everyone. Finding the best locations to shoot photos. Unless of course I am shooting them by myself......Which happened A LOT. I use a tripod and a timer for the majority of my posts now. I find that I know what I like and can do it very quickly. However i never pass up a chance to take advantage of my beloved former photographers amazing skills. I hope in the future I can meet and have my picture taken by even more people for the blog. And also take some great pictures of others. I would love to have a street style aspect where I find thrifted styles on the streets. I will talk a bit more about selfies in tomorrows post. 

One of the greatest discoveries of the year has been that I love being a blogger and blogging. This community is so overwhelming and large it can seem EXHAUSTING to "break in" but I quickly realized that is not what it is about! I just started interacting with people and have found some wonderful blogs to follow and even cultivated some friendships both online and off! I am having so much freaking fun regardless of my readership I enjoy the challenge of putting together posts and the fun of learning new things to make the blog better.

I have also discovered that i want to continue to grow myself by spending more time on content of posts and by delivering materials on the entire slow community, not just fashion. Slow Your Style will be a Style Blog as apposed to YOSF's fashion blog style. I will cover those topics I promised to cover on the first day that I didn't get to. I will create more page content to help people interested in "slowing their life down" do it in a fun and easy way. I also will be starting a consulting aspect of my blog where I can work with you personally to help you slow our closet, your plate and your entire life. I am so excited to roll out the new site but It is going to take quite a bit of work. I will continue using the YOSF platform to keep you up to date on the Slow Your Style developments. Are you excited? Because I am freaking amped.

Again. Thanks to all my readers. I reached 100 facebook likes yesterday and just felt SO THANKFUL for all the people who support and like my project. I hope you will chose to stick with me through the next one!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

black and gold. day three-hundred-sixty-two

Ever since I started the blog and found this black and gold number last fall I have been obsessed with the combination of black and gold. It really shows in the new (to me) skirt and Steve Madden pumps (gosh I love t-straps..how hot are they seriously?). I last wore this shirt for the blog on DAY THIRTY THREE while i was exploring the new styles of Fall 2012. Black and gold is one style that is definitely me. Black surprisingly looks awesome on me when paired with gold.  It is a GO TO style for me and something that will last regardless of if its a trend or not. 

I have been having terrible sinus issues and last night was the WORST (when wearing this outfit) so enjoy the pink nose. I finally went to Safeway today and loaded up on decongestants and nasal sprays. I am feeling totally out of it but at least I wont be ruining the beautiful moments of the wedding with nose blowing or cutting out early from the party (like I have the past two nights). I am looking forward to getting my jam on. Also. THREE MORE DAYS OF THE YEAR. Looking forward to a bit of a break and getting slow your style ready. 

IMG_0973 IMG_0932 IMG_0944 IMG_0960 IMG_0957 IMG_0967 IMG_0941 IMG_0963 IMG_0949 IMG_0955 IMG_0946
~Outfit Details~
Shirt: Vintage Thrifted | Hope's Outlet
Skirt: Thrifted | Shelby's Place
Shoes: A Gift | Steve Madden
Jewels: All vintage/thrifted or gifted

Friday, August 16, 2013

garden of the gods. day three-hundred-sixty-one

Garden of The Gods. Oh my goodness~! It has been so long since I went on this adventure and I definitely did not appreciate it as much when i was young. It is just amazing to see the natural wonders of the world and to explore on such a beautiful day. 
PicMonkey Collage gog2 IMG_0774 IMG_0843 IMG_0862 PicMonkey Collage gog IMG_0810 IMG_0848 IMG_0889
After this amazing trip through the Garden we stopped at TRiNiTY Brewing Co. for some drinks and noms. Little did i know but they are VERY VEGAN FRIENDLY and are huge supporters of the slow food movement getting their noms locally as much as they can! I also love their campaign to "KILL THE PINT GLASS" the basic premise being a normal pint glass only serves you 13 oz!!! What! That is not a pint! Also beer is normally not served in pint glasses but has become the norm because they easy to stack and thats about it. I love it. Brilliant! Plus omg how can you not love this book arch. WANT. 

~Outfit Details~
Shorts: Vintage Jeans turned to shorts
Shoes: From Hawaii
Beer: Flo IPA

Thursday, August 15, 2013

teal and turquoise birdies. day three-hundred-sixty

By some magical coincidence. I happened upon this teal wall while wearing this turquoise top. Lets do this turquoise! Said the wall. So I did it. 

IMG_0728 IMG_0738 IMG_0727 IMG_0715 IMG_0716 IMG_0726 IMG_0721
~Outfit Detail~
Shirt and Skirt: Thrifted | Shelby's Place
Shoes: A gift | Buffalo Exchange
Bag: Vintage Dooney and Burke | Hope's Outlet