Friday, August 16, 2013

garden of the gods. day three-hundred-sixty-one

Garden of The Gods. Oh my goodness~! It has been so long since I went on this adventure and I definitely did not appreciate it as much when i was young. It is just amazing to see the natural wonders of the world and to explore on such a beautiful day. 
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After this amazing trip through the Garden we stopped at TRiNiTY Brewing Co. for some drinks and noms. Little did i know but they are VERY VEGAN FRIENDLY and are huge supporters of the slow food movement getting their noms locally as much as they can! I also love their campaign to "KILL THE PINT GLASS" the basic premise being a normal pint glass only serves you 13 oz!!! What! That is not a pint! Also beer is normally not served in pint glasses but has become the norm because they easy to stack and thats about it. I love it. Brilliant! Plus omg how can you not love this book arch. WANT. 

~Outfit Details~
Shorts: Vintage Jeans turned to shorts
Shoes: From Hawaii
Beer: Flo IPA

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