Monday, August 5, 2013

july outfit roundup. day three-hundred-fifty

july roundup 1
I wasn't gonna do a roundup post since I ONLY HAVE 15 POSTS LEFT IN THE YEAR but I felt I couldn't let July fall by the wayside! It was such a good month. And don't worry the fun won't end when the year is up. I will keep posting and it will slowly switch over to Slow Your Style. I want to do it right and have a full time job so bear with me (or cat with me, or dog, or snail....get it?) haha. But here you go. I loved July. the weather was weird but that allowed for busting out lots of fun combos!
Above we have: 1. Todd finally finished my white jeans! 2. School House Rock! 3. I was being all cool with my native american shirt
july roundup 2
1. the cat lady shirt 2. playing in a meadow 3. floral jeans and a cool shack
july roundup 3
1. Just keep spinning 2. Under a shade tree  3. the story of poor rue and the wasp in her ear 4. vegan shirt and a shipping container

july roundup 4
1. a walk 2. fringe and lace 3. like potato chips 4. the birds!

All in all July was WONDERFUL. INSANE but wonderful. I traveled to Lake Geneva which was amazing, spent lots of time with friends and family here. Time in the garden and helping on the farm and WORKING. It has been insane at work so I am hoping August will be a little more kind. I plan on going to more yoga and doing more fun things this August and READING MORE NON-FICTION. (if you know me you know my obsession with YA novels...I miss the learning though). 

Hope everyone is well and is so far having a great August! 

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