Thursday, August 22, 2013

this is the end Part II. day three-hundred-sixty-four

A day late. 
A post short.
Aww F IT WHO CARES! its the end anyway! 

Delaying the inevitable. The inevitable will still come just a day later :) Decided I wanted to celebrate the official 'year' on a Friday. 

So the last post I mentioned how I wanted to talk about Self-Portraits and the joys of blogging and taking your own photos. Below is the FIRST selfie i ever took for the blog. It appeared on DAY TWENTY-THREE! I am pretty proud of the fact that I found 22 people to take my first 22 blog posts but after awhile depending on people just gets exhausting. 
Personally I use just a timer and a tripod.

A lot of bloggers I know use a remote which would be 1) way easier and 2) way more rad but I tend to be able to see where the remote is in the photo (in said persons hand or tossed on the ground). To me there is something fun about getting the focus right and then having only 10 seconds to run to the right spot. Its a challenge. Here are my tips for self portraits

1. Have a tripod. Good luck otherwise getting your camera balanced properly and to stay there. I tried that a few times and quickly invested in a tripod
2. Find something to focus on. I will generally set auto-focus on the wall behind me and then turn to MANUAL FOCUS (very important). Move the tripod back however many feet I will be standing from the wall and then shoot the picture. If you do not put it on manual it will refocus and you will be out of focus.
3. Everytime you take a photo change where the camera is looking even just a little bit. This lets you have more range of photos. I discovered that even if i change my pose it can get boring to be shot from the same position! I also try to *very nicely* tell my photographers to move around :)
4. Take way more photos than you think you may need! That way you will have tons to work with
5. Don't over-judge yourself too much. It takes a long time to learn how to do selfies seriously. Some days I could never get the focus right or the ligthing right but WHATEVER. You can chose NOT to post that outfit or to just post it like I do and deal with it :)
6. HAVE FUN! Its supposed to be fun. I have the most fun when I take my dogs out to the farm with me and play around trying to find different spots.

Here are a few of my favorite SELFIE Days:
Day Twenty-Eight. Wolfpack Shirts

Day Thirty Six. Print Mixing

Day Sixty Five - Maxi Skirt The lighting this day..omg i cannot replicate it to save my LIFE
Day Seventy Eight - Long Cardigan and Cutoffs
!@#$ Pants - Day One Hundred Seventeen - The post that inspired the Banner! 
Uniform of Spring - Day Two Hundred Forty One
Tribal Shorts - Day Three Hundred and Seven
All in all my selfies range from super sucky suck time to way freaking epic. I remember the first time someone told me my photographs were awesome. I got so geeked and amped. Then the next shot of photos turned out SO SHODDY I totally hated myself! I have learned to get rid of the hate speak (and actually found out my lens was dirty :P) and instead just embrace the experience. Some days photos are effortless and wonderful and other days it takes way freaking long. 
Slow Your Style will have PLENTY of selfies but I also hope to get the chance to meet more amazing people to take my photo and to be BEHIND the lens even more. 
Until tomorrow! Here are my fav and current hashtags for the new blog-
#slowyourstyle #howslowcanyougo 


  1. you inspire me in so many ways.

  2. I'm pretty bummed but so excited for your new bloggie!!!

    love you!


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