Monday, September 30, 2013

it's all about being mindful

Quite literally everything I will talk about as I delve into the world of Slow Fashion and Slow Life is related to the concept of Mindfulness. 

The Slow Movement = Mindfulness = Awareness.

"Mindfulness is a certain way of paying attention that is healing, that is restorative, that is reminding you of who you actually are so that you don't wind up getting entrained into being a human doing rather than a human being" - John Kabat-Zinn


  1. both of these quotes are so, so beautiful. excuse me as i slip into thoughtfulness

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

    1. :D hope your thoughtfulness was enjoyable!!!! :D its kind of fun to be reminded to be a human being and not a human doing! at least thats what this quote did for me yesterday!

    2. A human being and not a human doing... I love that, too!
      Mindfulness can be SO hard to achieve.
      Reduced expectations= more time to be present.
      This has been my mantra for my has led to much enlightenment, reduction of anxiety, and self-care. I am still a tremendous work in progress, but I do love the quote you posted above!

    3. soooo hard to achive! i think you don't really realize how important it is to SLOW DOWN until you get a bit older :)


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