Tuesday, October 29, 2013

crochet vest, silk flouncy top and skinny jeans

For a hot minute I thought I couldn't do purple and fall colors. I was really scared to even do purple because I basically live in fall colors (according to my mother I am a fall! I agree...). But its totally working out. In fact it is making me want to style more jewel tones in with fall colors. Especially this burnt orange. This top is so silky and gorgeous everyday inside of it is magical! Snagged this vest for a solid $3.99 at the thrift store I work at. Uh yahhhhh!!!!!
IMG_3410 IMG_3403 IMG_3416 IMG_3408 IMG_3405 IMG_3414 IMG_3404 IMG_3406 IMG_3407
So now I am excessively interested in others thoughts on color pairing. Are there colors that you won't wear together? What are your FAVORITE colors to wear in general? Colors you hate? I'm so curious. Because I am finding that my sense of color is changing over time I am wondering if others experience this too!! 

~Outfit Details~
Shirt: Thrifted | Hope's Outlet
Vest and Necklace: Thrifted | Shelby's Place
Jeans: Thrifted | Ditto Resale
Boots: Sam Edelman | Nordies Rack

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