Monday, October 21, 2013

fall floral dresses

I love how the fall colors have been sticking around so long! My dad reminded me on an adventure we took that usually by this time all the leaves have turned and are starting to fall to the ground all brown. This year we have really only had one frost and it wasn't a very heavy frost (however now its going to snow all week?) So still some of the trees are even green! I have been loving driving and seeing all the beautiful colors. I was inspired by the colors to wear this dress. A fall floral is fun to do and I think this Miss Frizzle like dress does the trick! I love pairing fall colors (dress) with spring colors (bag) and the pop of denim really screams fall to me. Plus the purple bag brings out my hair ;)

IMG_3261 IMG_3264 IMG_3269 IMG_3260 IMG_3276 IMG_3282
I am OBSESSED with my new Samantha Pleet for Wolverine boots. They were inspired by an 'explorer, Karen Blixen. In reality she was kind of just a lucky girl who had lots of cash, got to live in Africa and guide safaris. I love the whole idea of an explorer inspired boot collection! It kind of brings to mind a Jane/Tarzan feel. That being said they are insanely comfortable, well made and perfect for exploring right out my backyard. I love supporting local businesses and these are made by Wolverine (a local company out of Rockford, MI). I figured they would be Made in America but come to find out the entire Samantha Pleet line is made in China. I was really disappointed to find this out but I should know better to not assume and do my research before hand. Many of their mens work boots and the original 1000 mile for women are made right in Rockford. I am not surprised that this designer line would be made in China with its popularity, but I am kind of disappointed. Regardless I will continue supporting Wolverine because of their locale and the wonderful quality! They obviously have some great Chinese producers putting together this product and I am actually quite impressed! I hope because of that and the price point (300$) that they are made by well paid happy Chinese factory workers. I am sure they exist and in my mind I am just pretending that is the case.

~Outfit Details~
Dress: Probably my first vintage buy EVER and it doesn't fit right in the tatas so i don't wear it often!
Vest: Thrifted | Shelby's Place
Bag: Chocolate Handbags of NY | Uniquely Stranded (remember i used to work there ;))
Boots: A Gift! Blixen | Wolverine
Necklace: Vintage | My Mom's Jewelry Box


  1. love those boots! they are really 300$? dang!! Adore that dress, you look soooo cute and fally!

    1. YES! isn't that insane??? but like so worth it, however they were a know how i roll with like 3$ thrifted things so it would be HARD for me to do those on my own. that being said. AMAZING BOOTS!!!! thanks so much girl :)

  2. Obsessed with those boots and you're right, this outfit is Fall perfection. Also, I laughed out loud when I read Miss Frizzle. Now you just need a school bus!

    xo Ashley

    1. heheh thanks!~ check out the post from today LOL should have thought of that ;) maybe i will do her for halloween and take some pics in my magic school bus!


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