Sunday, October 20, 2013

pants problems

I love these pants. 
Dead stock vintage high-waist flares. I had been looking for the perfect ones for-EVER but because I had to try them on (just how i am with pants!) my choices were limited. I finally came across a great pair at one of my favorite vintage stores in Portland, OR called LuLu's Vintage. During the year of slow fashion (keep portland weird) I wore them for the blog once fresh off the rack while I was still actually on my visit to Portland. Well then I washed them and now they are all 'stone washed' with lines and !@#$ everywhere. My mom says this is a normal thing and I shouldn't be worried but it makes me sad/angry. I just wanted them to stay pristine and perfect. If I wouldn't have spilled Voodoo donuts on them I probably wouldn't have washed them and gotten a few fresh uses of them but of course, I did. SO I washed them. I am debating re-dyeing them but am also just growing accustomed to the vintage look of them. 

IMG_3244edit IMG_3247 IMG_3253 IMG_3245edit IMG_3250
Currently obsessed with this vintage fascinator! It came into my work and my colleagues were YUP Rachel will want this. And boy were they right :D I have another that is black that just looks killer with the purple hair. But I am kind of loving the brown combo. It picks up some of the golden brown that still in my hair. In fact I am so obsessed with fascinators right now I keep Hearting them on ETSY! 

IMG_3225edit IMG_3237
This bag holds the perfect amount of stuff! My phone, keys (complete with mini Rubik cube {yes I am a dork} and moo card holder), Wolverine wallet, lip-gloss and LUSH solid perfume fit perfectly! I even have space to throw in a small paperback and my sunglasses for a day of errands. 

IMG_3242edit IMG_3233 IMG_3246
The more I think about it the more I will am leaning toward keeping them all funky washed, maybe if I was them more it will look less like a mistake and more like it was meant to be! But who knows maybe I will go crazy, get some denim dye and do em up again. What do you think I should do?

~Outfit Details~
Everything in this outfit is vintage and/or thrifted (except my undergarments ;) hehe)! 
Top and Vest: Thrifted | Shelby's Place
Jeans: Deadstock | Lulu's Vintage 
Shoes and Belt: Thrifted | Love INC in Spring Lake
Bag: Thrifted | Hope's Outlet
Shirt Clip: Vintage Clip Earring | Mom's Jewelry Box
Ring: Vintage | Grandfathers

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