Wednesday, October 23, 2013

rageddy ann + sweater + lace pants

Dressing up a basic sweater is TOUGH to do. Trying to look non-frumpy in your grandpas slightly over sized sweater takes skill. I think one of the best ways to dress up a sweater is to tuck it into a high-waisted skirt or some fun pants and add dressy accessories. 
I took my style and added a bit of whimsy to the outfit by pairing it with my Rageddy Ann bag (complete with mini Rageddy!). Probably meant for a child this is just my kind of thing to spice up a basic outfit, plus its the perfect size for going out at night, and a conversation piece! On my instagram I took a few photos of my adventures with her.  
IMG_3299 IMG_3308 IMG_3305 IMG_3292 IMG_3297 IMG_3307 IMG_3301
what a doll that raggedy ;) 
I wasn't sure how red would work with the purple hair but after seeing photos I am loving the combo! It is making me want to pull out more red in my wardrobe and a few other sweaters I have that highlight red!
 I am linking up with IFB PROJECT #118: Sweater Girls for this post. 
~Outfit Details~
Sweater: Thrifted Vintage | Hope's Outlet
Necklace: Vintage | College Town Vintage
Boots: Jeffrey Campbell
Bag: Vintage | Shelby's Place


  1. What a beautifully matched outfit! Oh man, you're a queen *applause*

    1. well thank you so much!!!! we actually refer to my mother as the queen of everything :) and i am the princess of everything else. but since i am getting up there in age i feel queen is becoming correct ;) hehe thanks!


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