Thursday, October 17, 2013

slow your reading

slow your reading
Reading is one of my favorite hobbies. I am actually a serial reader. I think serial readers are more than hobbyists. Its kind of a lifestyle. I could read until my eyes bleed. In fact I have read so much over a few days that I don't see right for weeks afterwards, my eyes are constantly searching for the words on a page and not able to focus on life outside of the story. There is nothing slow about my reading. I quickly hop from book to book and often have multiple books going at a time (these of course include but are not limited too my: at work book, by the toilet book, time for bed book). In fact I will admit that a lot of my laziness for the blog change over has been me being sucked into book lives. But I decided to put down the current reading obsession to give you a welcome to the Slow Reading aspect of my blog. I love books and love sharing my love of books so I hope this will be a continuing series about how to slow down your book consumption. There is an actual "slow movement" section called "Slow Books" and that is where Slow Your Reading was born. The slow book movement is about reawakening a desire to read and to step away from the TV. I prefer slow reading to slow books because I think it just sounds better. 

I'm a huge fan of actual books. Made of paper or fabric, hold em in your hand. Getting pages dirty or ruined when you drop them in the tub, good old fashioned books. I love the smell of new books and of excessively old books in a library. I love bookmarks and pages dogeared.

A lot of people have issues with libraries. In some ways I can understand this, bed bugs being found in libraries scares the crap out of me but not enough to stop going to my library. Reading to me has always been a gateway to the world regardless of the internet. I use the library to delve deeper into topics i have researched on the internet. I can read loads of stuff online but again there is something about reading an actual paper book. I am not one of those people who scoffs at a used book. I look at the stains on a book and wonder who the person holding this before me was and why they read this book. Were they traveling? Sitting at home? I always am curious.

 One of the best ways you can slow your reading is to check out a book at the library. Right now I have the max number of holds at the library for all the amazing young adult books that come out in the fall. Yes. I have to wait a bit longer but usually I am the first on the list (probably because I am crazy about my book habits) and if I am not it doesn't take that long for it to come to me.

Look at my big-ole-stack of library books!

I will do more posts about slow reading in the future. What would you like to hear from me about? My plans for this section include talking about the books I read and other ways you can slow your reading. Do you enjoy taking out books from the library?  

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