Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Nashville tourist extraordinaire

A couple weekends back I had the chance to go to Nashville for vacation and did the most touristy thing you can do! The Country Music Hall of Fame. I have been to Nashville before but had always left this little gem out of my trip. I am more of a music and whiskey kinda person not a touristy kinda gal. But I had to do it. 

IMG_4455 IMG_4443

Country music stars wore some of the coolest pieces. I am obsessed with all of these jackets especially the one on the right. 
IMG_4479 IMG_4480
Everyone needs a farm embroidered stage costume! The embroidery was amazing on all of these old country stage costumes....I  was in vintage fashion geek heaven. 

IMG_4476 IMG_4465 IMG_4453 IMG_4441 IMG_4462
~Outfit Details~
Shirt: IDK where somewhere in AL
Skirt, Belt and Bag: Thrifted | Shelby's Place
Socks: American Apparel 
Shoes: Blixen by Samantha Pleet for Wolverine

Thanks for the pics TB <3

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