Tuesday, November 5, 2013

october instagram roundup

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1. Loved making some word memes this month and especially of this quote about living life in the moment!
2. Gamer girl problems, broken keyboard and mouse all in a week!
3. tons of gourds! couldn't be fall without them
4. Raggedy Anne went on a trip and got a little drunk....
5. Orchid being adorable and asking or belly rubs
6. Lily being adorable and wanting to play tugs
7. My new gorgeous tea cup and amazing David's Tea (obsessed)
8. My mask for my Leela costume! (made it myself)
9. The first snow of the year on blueberry bushes! Gotta love fall.

Always sad to see October go but I am really excited for November! This month i get to take a trip to Nashville (one of my favorite cities). IN FACT while I am there I would love to meet up with some fashion bloggers, anyone from Nashville? I also am amping up my etsy store a bit more with some up-cycled goods, printed items of my own designs and tons of fun sweaters! Also looking forward to Blizz-Con (I play World of Warcraft) this weekend and holidays with family.

What are you looking forward to this month?

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  1. We'll miss each other by a month! I am going to Nashville in December. :o)



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