Monday, November 4, 2013

october roundup

Ok. Ok. I know its the 4th day of November I should have been on this quicker. I also didn't post Slow Sunday yesterday since I have not been feeling well so I will just save that ;). But I just wanted to highlight my favorite month and welcome in the new month. Since switching to Slow Your Style i have yet to find a blog calendar that really works for me. So its been kind of sporadic annoying posting. As I am sitting here I am working on the calendar for November. More to come on that tomorrow with the insty roundup! 
October was full of fall colors, fun hair and exciting adventures. I love this outfit of a crochet vest and flouncy fall colored top, what better way to ring in October than with a pumpkin shirt? and of course the velvet bow and Canadian tuxedo outfit!
I also pulled out some pieces that have been sitting in my closet awhile. Like this grandma sweater. This purple fur vest and my highwaist jeans, the fringe jacket and this Miss Frizzle dress

And quite honestly my FAVORITE outfit of October was this grunge inspired look. I was way into this outfit and kind of wishing it was warm enough to wear it again! Looking forward to more outfit posts this fall and more slow adventures! 

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