Sunday, November 10, 2013

slow sunday

Well its that time again! Slow Sunday. I was going especially slow last Sunday and didn't even post (way to go on the SECOND week of a new series....nice). So this weekend even though I was keeping myself busy I composed this set of awesome slow-ness for you. I guess it is just a pair of awesomes but you get it.

Slow Fashion

Completely obsessed with this VERY LONG AGO (2009) project done by Sheena Matheiken. Just wow. Go through the vimeo video (see below) and you can see how she styled this one little black dress for 365 days to help bring awareness to the cost of education in India (a place many of the fast fashion garments people LOVE are made). 

Uniform Project Picture Book from Uniform Project on Vimeo.
Once you get done with that check out her TedXDubai Talk 

I am very motivated to create another 365 project for a cause by this. I did the Year strictly for myself but I would love to use it to help those people impacted by fast fashion. What a brilliant and thoughtful woman. Also insanely stylish. She comes up with some of the cutest outfits with her LBD. 

"Slow" Gaming

December 18, 2012 105
It is no secret that I play World of Warcraft A LOT. But seriously, I love it even though I do not play it as much as many WoW geeks that I know, including my parents. Characteristically gaming is not slow, especially with a game like WoW with constant updates, new packages to get and more things to do. But I think as with anything you can take a slower approach, while some people chose to grind away endlessly just to get things, others prefer to make their way through the lore, reading every quest and watching each animation video in its total form. I take a more slow approach but enjoy watching the competitive aspects that come with an obsessed gamers lifestyle. So.....
This weekend was Blizz Con, the (mostly) annual convention that Blizzard (the company behind WoW, Diablo and Starcraft and a few more I'm sure you don't know) put on. My family got a virtual ticket and we have spent the weekend watching panels on game creation, the new exciting WoW patch, cos-play costume contests, music and some of the most incredible gamers in the world. 

I was most excited to hear about the new WoW patch (checkout the awesome trailer above) , and the latest on the Warcraft movie but I was also insanely surprised to be so excited about the live game competitions. I have included a few videos I took to send to some friends because I thought it was hilarious. They are always making me watch sports and the whole atmosphere, announcers talking quickly, crowds cheering, competitors sweating was just on point for this. These videos didn't turn out, and they haven't uploaded the content to where I can embed it so here is video of the same contest in 2010. Watch a tiny bit of them at the super desk, then fast forward to about 5min to watch a little game play. It is hilarious. And I am a HUGE nerd. 

I normally work many Saturdays but took this Saturday off to do Blizz Con. And it is essentially all that I did this weekend. Well maybe there was a lot of tea drinking (until Hedwig broke the teapot) and a little bit of laundry going on, but not much. So you can say I am just taking a Slow Weekend instead of just a Slow Sunday. 

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