Sunday, December 29, 2013

slow your sunday

Slow Fashion - 

I have talked a bit about how much I hate vegan shoes. I can never seem to find ones that hold up to the elements. Well some exciting things are happening in the world of Chemistry that just may change my mind! Richard Wool at the University of Deleware is working on a leather made completely from plant products. And he is already getting a lot of push from some prominent shoe companies. Check out what he does on this short video here: 
I originally found this out on an ecouterre article here and then found this article form the American Chemical Society from June. Pretty exciting stuff I might say. I will be very pleased if they can also come up w/ a more sustainable product than polyurethane for shoe bases on top of this super exciting plant leather.  

Slow Blog - 

I recently discovered and have been really obsessed! She used to be a stylist and ended up quitting because it was like an alcoholic working in a bar. Her articles are really helpful and insightful from how to pack to how to chose what things in your wardrobe you should keep or get rid of to how to stop shopping so much! My favorite is her Recovery Tips which I found helpful even if you are not technically a 'shop-aholic'. She just started this up at the beginning of 2013 and I can't wait to see what else is in store! 
That is all for this edition of Slow Sunday. Now I am off to enjoy a day of relaxation before work this afternoon :) Inventory day at the thrift store and there will be NOTHING SLOW ABOUT IT. So hoping I will keep up my slow sunday until then. 

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